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Tetrinet Aqua
Tetrinet Aqua ScreenshotTetrinet Aqua is an open source client for Mac OS X, and it is the only client made for this operating system (you could also use a ported version of GTetrinet).

Tetrinet Aqua 0.4.2
StrikeLight did the following changes in version 0.4.2:
- Fixed bug with lines per special server setting being ignored
- Fixed bug with lines added to all having multiple holes instead of single holes
- Added modification for Client Identification

The 0.4.2 binary was compiled using Xcode 3.0, and will only run under Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (and possibly newer versions). Thanks to lvx for compiling the 0.4.2 binary and testing.

Older Versions
Tetrinet Aqua 0.4.1 binary - for OS X 10.4
Tetrinet Aqua 0.4.1 source
Tetrinet Aqua 0.4 binary - for OS X 10.1-10.3
Tetrinet Aqua 0.4 source

Version: 0.4.2-alpha O/S: Mac OS X 10.5 Download Tetrinet Aqua 0.4.2
Version: 0.4.2-alpha O/S: Mac OS X 10.5 Download 0.4.2 Source Code
onitake on 27. December 2007 17:53
The 0.4.2-alpha binary build is ZeroLinked. Please rebuild in Release mode, or Release Debug. It won't run like this.
admin on 14. January 2008 22:04
Sorry, it was compiled by someone SL met by chance on tetrinet.org. He confirmed it was working on his Mac, so we thought it was ok. We will have a working version shortly.
theqik on 17. January 2008 09:27
it was working, i compiled it. i thought an update might have killed it.
logicbombv on 18. January 2008 02:41
The compiled 0.4.2-alpha binary can be found here:
-- link removed --

Reason for removing link: Another bug was fixed after logicbombv compiled the binary, and a newer one is now available for download.
tenirtet on 12. January 2009 06:05
could someone help, I downloaded the latest TetriNET Aqua OSX 10.5 and it is not working. I can't connect and have tried to quit and relaunch the application. All the screens are blank, including the party line screen. Please Help!
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