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TSpec and TPlayer
TSpec ScreenshotTSpec is a spectator/recorder client, and together with TPlayer it can also be used for playback of recordings.

However, the combination of TSpec and TPlayer is not a very userfriendly one. It was basicly the first take on TetriNET spectating/recording, and was of course a nice addition to the game when it was introduced in early '99.

Today both aTwin and Blocktrix are a lot more conveniant to use for spectating, recording and playback of recordings. The main disadvantage of TSpec is that you have to be logged in as a spectator to record, and several servers don't support that. With aTwin and Blocktrix you can record when you are logged in as a player as well, and thus making things a lot easier.

If you still want to use TSpec, you can download TSpec, TPlayer and dependencies below. Put all files in the same folder.

TetriNET Recordings
Supa-Cup final replayer
TetriNET World Cup recordings
TetriCup recordings
Clan plibble's recordings

Version: 1.13 O/S: Windows Download TSpec and TPlayer
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